Friday, January 12, 2007

"Mama? Mama?"

I was thrown out of the house last night - well maybe, not so much thrown as eased out gently with a flashlight and a duvet and told to sleep next door. My husband, let's call him TW, has had enough of the baby's nocturnal breastfeeding. Since we are pushed for space and there is nowhere else for her to go, the baby's cot is in our room. Unlike my husband, the baby rather likes her nightly routine and, in that halfway state between sleep and wakefulness, I have been unable to resist her plaintive bleatings of "Mama? Mama?" in the cold darkness. She starts up and I stumble out of bed, pluck her from the cot and sink back into the bedding with my little victorious suckling. As she sees it, I'm lying there and it's not like I'm doing anything else. But TW is right, it has gone on long enough. She's nearly 15 months old and God knows, I could do with a night's sleep. The mini-bar is officially closed.


teapotmeister said...

There are times, if no more than a solitary moment,in a tpm's life, when tales of woe, mishaps and downtrodden plight can 'stir' emotions as strongly as any good solid silver teaspoon.

This occasion, I'm 'drawn' to say, is not one such...Indeed, the response flows from the spout as smoothly as when one's cup runneth over..."JEALOUS!"

Anonymous said...

Look, you just hold that line.

(*Hahahah*)Some stupid book told my noe Ex wife that it was fine to keep up the breastfeeding until the child stopped naturally.

That was at age 3.

Which is why she remained an only child.

(I think I'll stay anonny for this)

Geoff said...

If only hotel mini bars where as nice :-)

Anonymous said...

We breastfed both our kids past 3 years and they have both turned out fine (so far). Actually they slept with us till 4!

You may want to re-think. Surely the bed is big enough for all three and any possible activities.

Stamford, CT