Monday, June 13, 2011

Wifey's Top 10

So to mark the end of the Newcastle University blogging course run by myself and technical genius Oli Woods at The Approachable Geek, here is a top ten blog tips, some of which I've tweeted as the course went on, while others are brand, spanking new.

Top 10 Blog Tips

1. Only blog when you have something to say.

2. Feel the fear and blog anyway.

3. Blog sober (as opposed to blog yourself sober).

4. When you are ready to press publish, control the mouse - don't let the mouse control you.

5. Blog the moments of your life to get to the truth within it.

6. Blogging - like Life - is all about connecting.

7. Remember the people you're writing about - are people who read.

8. Blog often.

9. If necessary - moderate.

10. Remember that it's your blog - nobody else's.

So there you are. Blog wisely my children.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Blog It

About to start tutoring a six-week course at Newcastle University on blogging. It's called Blog It (see what I did there? I'm what is commonly known as a wordsmith you know.) I'm doing the course with Oli Wood a computing whizz-kid which is fantastic because he can answer all the tough questions that make my eyes go round and round in opposite directions, and I can drift between the desks in an embroidered, burgundy-velvet cape saying things like "Your post might read better if you took it out of capital letters darlink."

Preparing the blogging course has made me re-engage which is good, and question whether I'm still a blogger which is bad. But I can't in all honesty call myself a blogger if I don't blog, and I do call myself a blogger so here I am blogging. Blog after me, I have been a bad girl in neglecting my blog.

I think I'll come up with some top tips on blogging. Academia is like that these days isn't it. Popular bite-sized culture. Tweet your essay. Poke your lecturer. "I'll facebook you" instead of "Fancy about a cup of Nescafe at mine? I'm completely out of milk by the way."

OK, so my first top tip for blogging: Only blog when you have something to say.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Is it that time already?

The aliens came back for me - hence the six-month absence. Hell. Enough said.

The good news is I have another book deal with Viking Penguin who published Wife in the North. To put it mildly I'm quite happy about this. The working title is The Jam Jar Army and it is all about good deeds, and a little bit about jars, and it is non-fiction again because it turns out I have no idea how to write a novel (and I say this having spent the last two years writing one). So, that's my news - oh and I've put on two stone. How about you? What did I miss?