Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dollies and Disability

We had to go into school this morning for a daddy's reading day which entailed TW reading a book called Vesuvius Poovius which is all about poo and how to get rid of it. Not quite sure if that is what they had in mind when they asked my husband in to read but the children seemed to like it. I am, however, disowning responsibility if any of the other mothers start telling me little Johnny is stashing his number two's under the frontroom rug.
While I was there the baby crawled across the classroom to the doll's house. As she pulled out the dollies, each was revealed as more unfortunate than the next. Among the inhabitants were an old lady clutching a zimmer frame - fair enough, grannies do get that way. Granny had a lot on though, living there as she did with her middle-aged son on crutches, another bespectacled momma's boy with calipers and a blind daughter who could not move anywhere without her white stick. Infact she could not really move with it. Meanwhile a little granddaughter dominated the sitting room in an overly large wheelchair while a deaf black teenager, presumably a lovechild to the calipered one, sported an NHS hearing aid and learnt signlanguage. Two other elderly wooden dolls lay around on a bed upstairs, presumably dementing quietly while two child dolls, fresh into their 15th foster placement contemplated arson and the doll that looked closest to being a whole-bodied adult considered coming out as a moulded plastic lesbian. Talk about The Curse of the House of Usher. If there had been a cat, it would have had three legs. Apparently, local education authorities require schools to buy Caribbean and Asian dolls at the same time as Caucasian. Quite right too - the children up here never see a black face. But all things in moderation and that was more of a care-home than a doll's house. According to the classroom assistant, it is all about diversity and inclusion. Really? What about escapism and imagination?


Anonymous said...

"What about escapism and imagination?"

This question shows that you have missed the whole point of schooling. If we allow little children escapism and imagination how will they know how wonderful Nu Labour control is when they get older? They may have wrong thoughts and ask "why" and do wrong actions like try to make something of themselves.
No, no it would never do.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what makes me really cross ? Knowing that the £ 1.40 I will pay for my Saturday Guardian today will contain a small payment to the likes of Jon Ronson [writes great books, but shite columns] or Barbara 'Head so far up her own arse, she can smell the shit [copyright Jade Goody] Ellen, when your blog is considerably more entertaining, and you are doing it for love ! Perhaps you should open a paypal account - or at least have a po box where we can send you lots of chocolate and something to feed those Northumberland bears with !

p.s. do feel free to tell me off if my language is a bit too 'fruity' - I'm afraid it comes from rebelling against my mum tutting every time the word 'damn' was mentioned on the telly, & years of the 'grauniad'

wife in the north said...

anonymous: really would people send chocolate do you think? Then I would get even fatter in my silent revenge. Interesting idea though.

Anonymous said...

what were you doing before u started your family--i am sure all your problems will pass