Wife in the North

Moving to the North from London was not my idea. My husband was infact the only one terribly keen on the move. When I asked my younger son what he thought, he confided: “Bears might eat me”. "There are no bears," I told him as I looked into the darkness and the growling started. Eventually, ofcourse, the growling ended. Somehow silence is worse (duh duh duh - I used to watch a lot of Hammer Horror movies when I was growing up. You can tell can't you?)

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Anonymous said...

I've just finished your book in french. Very good. The translation has sometimes "little mistakes" in my version but the main content is in. I enjoyed it, and much more I think because my husband is a farmer (milking cow) and i work outside.


Anonymous said...

I borrowed 'Wife' from the library to read on holiday; it looked a bit of enjoyable fluff I could read sporadically whilst a 17-month old climbed me.

I am posting here because I've rarely read anything that resonated with, or moved, me so frequently. It rings very true and was good fun too. Thank you.