Thursday, May 05, 2011

Blog It

About to start tutoring a six-week course at Newcastle University on blogging. It's called Blog It (see what I did there? I'm what is commonly known as a wordsmith you know.) I'm doing the course with Oli Wood a computing whizz-kid which is fantastic because he can answer all the tough questions that make my eyes go round and round in opposite directions, and I can drift between the desks in an embroidered, burgundy-velvet cape saying things like "Your post might read better if you took it out of capital letters darlink."

Preparing the blogging course has made me re-engage which is good, and question whether I'm still a blogger which is bad. But I can't in all honesty call myself a blogger if I don't blog, and I do call myself a blogger so here I am blogging. Blog after me, I have been a bad girl in neglecting my blog.

I think I'll come up with some top tips on blogging. Academia is like that these days isn't it. Popular bite-sized culture. Tweet your essay. Poke your lecturer. "I'll facebook you" instead of "Fancy about a cup of Nescafe at mine? I'm completely out of milk by the way."

OK, so my first top tip for blogging: Only blog when you have something to say.