Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hot buttons and hotter pies

We've all been given permission to push the hot-button topic of immigration since Gillian Duffy apparently spoke for a nation yesterday. Mrs Duffy wanted to know where the Eastern European migrants were flocking from. Mrs Duffy, of course, knew the answer to that - Eastern Europe. The fact she mis-spoke though didn't diminish the fact she had a concern about the number of migrants.

Ah Gillian. It's a good job you are - or at least were - a Labour supporter. You can express your concern, wreck Labour's electoral chances, break a leader of a nation like a stick of kindling, and move on with your life (once the camera crews have disappeared). Pity Michael Weatheritt, the poor UKIP candidate in Berwick (rapidly becoming my favorite candidate of the election.) I doubt he can sleep at night over it all.

Weatheritt (who has already made the establishment of a crematorium one of his main campaign aims) has now set out his stall to voters in the magnificent local paper the Northumberland Gazette. His CV includes being:
*captain of the school cricket team at 15
*vice captain of the football team.
(He's 60 by the way.)
He is also a
*founder member of the Alnwick Pie Club
*famous for his steak and ale pie
(You've got to love him.)

But I digress - policy before pies and peas.
Weatheritt makes it clear he wants an end to mass uncontrolled immigration.
"If mass immigration continues, the weight of people in the country will cause the island to start sinking and if global warming is to be believed and the sea level rises, then the EU will eventually gets its wish and Britain will disappear forever beneath the waves."

I am tempted to ring him up and ask him to do his bit and quit with the pies. Frankly, the pies won't be helping at all.

I am also tempted to ring him up and ask him if he thinks the earth is flat, but I'm frightened in case he says Yes.


Jan said...

That post made me chuckle!

returning scot said...

Oh dear...watching it all from Norway, UK election fever seems more and more surreal. But AT LEAST IT'S INTERESTING...last time there was an election here, it was extremely difficult to tell. Thanks for giving me a good laugh!

Anonymous said...
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billatbingley said...

Your UKIP candidate Michael Weatheritt sounds a very interesting character. What with his main aim being the establishment of a crematorium, and listing in his CV captain of the school cricket team at 15 and vice captain of the football team, as well as being a founder member of the Alnwick Pie club, and being famous for his steak and ale pie.

This really makes me want to vote for him. He obviously has all the neccessary credentials for a would be MP.

If you get chance to speak with hil, ask him if he knows of the world famous pie shop in Skipton. (It's called Staniforths) and people really do come from all over the world to purchase their pies. Someone once tried to smuggle some into the US and nearly caused an international incident when their luggage was searched and the pies discovered!

Once again a great blog!

Unknown said...

ROFL! You HAVE to be joking? Surely no one is that...stupid?! I despair!

maddie said...

It's a good point though. It hadn't occurred to me. He'd have the support of some of the olds around here in West Dorset. Interestingly, the Tories 'vote for change' slogan is backfiring and sitting MP Oliver Letwin is now facing the prospect of defeat, which is unheard of in this part of the world. Even a donkey with a blue rosette on would have got in. And has done on previous occasions.
Re the slogan backfiring, a number of older voters have been heard to say (and this is absolutely true), 'We've voted Conservative all our lives and now they're telling us to vote for change. So we're thinking of voting Liberal Democrat. That Nick Clegg seems such a nice man.'

Kath McGurl said...

I think prospective candidates should be made to sit some kind of test before they're allowed to stand. Maybe a version of the year 2 SATS test would be suitable. It wuold have weeded out Weatheritt at least.

Alexis said...

Brilliant :)