Tuesday, April 27, 2010

To slank or not to slank

I am still considering how to handle the final TV debate on Thursday. Do I watch it alone in my slanket rejoicing in the good looks of Nick Clegg? Or do I invite round a pick'n'mix of voters like the first time and take my own straw poll post the "Thank you and Goodnights." Am tempted to the slanket approach.

Then again, if I have a watch party, I have the chance to make Eric Pickles happy and chances like that don't come along very often. After all, he did take a leaf out of Michelle Obama's campaign warbook and invite me. In fact, if I was really naughty I could email Central Office and tell them I was having a party and Eric might call me up personally to encourage me to tweet through it. It's very tempting. Particularly, as I now have formal accreditation for the campaign. The local Central Office press handler was explicit about the need for accreditation. I don't think he gets blogging. Both Labour and Liberal Democrats told me to handle accreditation locally, informing me that the Wife in the North blog would be welcome to their events anytime. The Conservative party - that's the party with the take-no-prisoners approach to red tape and bureaucracy - made me fill out an online form and send a digital photograph then wait an entire week for a pass. I'm not sure I'll ever get to wear it. There's only about three members of the Shadow Cabinet I'd be interested in seeing on the ground. Still if I have a "watch party", I could wear my accreditation over the slanket and Chanel No 5 under it. Eric might like that.


sunshine said...

Wifey, it is a truly other-worldly experience to read your posts about the British election process. Having previously known absolutely nothing about your people in office, and now knowing mostly what Andrew posts it seems that 1)It is possible no one may win and there would be a coalition government of some sort 2) I am supposed to be enamored of Mr. Clegg but not wish for him to win, as a coalition probably wouldn't work well and 3) Nick is a cutie, and the flavor of the year, but he's no Obama.

Can you invite a group and still slank? Maybe with some great jewelry and strappy heels?

billatbingley said...

Wow! What a fountian of knowledge and wisdom you are. Until I followed your link on slankets I had no idea what one was.Nor had I heard of a watch party until I followed your link to Eric Pickles!

So now you are officially a member of the "press pack" with your formal accreditation! Could there be any achievement higher than this?

Keep up the election blogging. It brightens up my day.