Friday, April 16, 2010

It's my party

Woke up this morning with a bit of a hangover. I blame the politics. Last night went well though. Ten of us ended up watching the election debate together in my lounge, and we were a mixed bag. Staunch Labour, rabid Tory and floating voters with experience of voting Liberal Democrat. Most arrived with wine. One arrived with a biography of Margaret Thatcher. There was dark mutterings from the rabid Tories about Labour and Gordon Brown's record, but the hour and a half went quickly enough and at least the book didn't get thrown.

My absolute favourite comment of the evening from one of my Conservative friends has got to be: "Universal suffrage has got a lot to answer for. This country has gone downhill since Joe Ordinary got the vote."

At the end, I polled the 10 of us:
* three thought Nick Clegg had performed the best
* two backed Gordon Brown
* no-one (including the most fervent Tories among us) thought David Cameron had outperformed his rivals.
One of the floating voters said she was now minded to vote Liberal Democrat.

Nick Clegg. He has a sensible wife and sensible women rarely marry fools. He said he was going to prepare for the debate with an afternoon walk in the Pennines. Last night, he was straightforward and appealing. David Cameron's not having it easy.

After everyone left, I went to bed and dreamed of beautiful women wrapped in bandage dresses made of the skins of aliens, which they wore to keep themselves safe as they attempted to cross a river of acid.
I blame the cheese.


maddie said...

But did Nature upstage them with all that volcanic ash? A sort of 'Sod the lot, I told you so' from the skies? The debate was the least talked about thing at grass roots level here today, with all those planes grounded and cars covered in a fine layer of ash. I'm looking forward to a good sunset tonight when I expect the silhouette of the chosen leader to appear, Terry Gilliam-like, across the heavens. Anything could happen in this village, believe me.

billatbingley said...

I took the trouble to watch the last 40 minutes of the "Great Debate" and must say that although I have never considered myself to be a LIb Dem, I was more convinced by Nick Clegg than either of the other two. They seemed to spend a large proportion of their time trying to score "Brownie Points" off each other.

Nick Clegg at least tried to offer some realistic and sensible ideas, and was not drawn into Gordon Brown's repeated suggestions that the Lib Dem's were in total agreement with many of the Labour Policies.

On last nights performance I think I could easily be persuaded to give the Lib Dems a try! After 65 years of Labour/Conservatives and the current mess we are in at the moment I really feel it's time for a different party to be given a chance!

Mimi said...

I hope you got your friends to sign a discalimer, if that's the effect of mixing politics and cheese!

Not From Lapland said...

I love the quote about sensible women rarely marrying fools. Living out here in Lapland I miss all this but from the bits i have seen Nick Clegg seems to have come out the best.