Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Celebrity endorsement

I have my first celebrity endorsement of the campaign. Sarah Brown has described herself as "so pleased" that I cooked up her recipes for dinner the other night. I informed her on Twitter (because that's how anyone who's anyone talks to each other these days.) "They get my vote," I told my new best friend. "SO PLEASED!" she tweeted back. Note the capital letters. That means she is shouting in excitement at hearing my verdict. Note too the exclamation mark which means this news is probably the best she's had since the Sex and the City girls said they were making another movie. Any minute now she'll be tweeting me an invite for coffee and oaty flapjack on the campaign bus.

Sarah won't expect an exclusive relationship though. I've asked Sam Cam's people for a recipe as well. I was told Sam is "unbelievably busy" but the media handler would see what she could do. I'm about to ask the Liberal Democrats for one from Miriam Gonzalaz Durantez (Nick Clegg's legal eagle wife). I'm betting the message comes back that Miriam thinks I should go buy myself a cookbook and read it.


Charlie's Tribe said...

Well done our intrepid political recipe reporter!

John Woodman said...

This is the trouble with Labour supporters like you: you can't be bothered to get your own recipes, you are reliant on politicians (or at least their wives) to provide them for you.

billatbingley said...

I reckon Sarah Brown's recipe should be for Humble Pie - after the performance of her husband!

Christa said...

If you wind up with a hung parliament, maybe there could be a cookoff between the politicians wives to determine coalitions... sort of like a celebrity Iron chef! I bet more people would tune into that than the debates :)

AnnB said...

Do not stop at recipes: let's know what keeps SamCam's skin glowing, how Sarah is planning not to age as quickly as her husband if he gets in again, and if Miriam uses sun protection.

My bet is:
Sam - 'Elemis' good but not over pricey
Sarah - 'Simple' to keep in touch with the voters
Miriam - Whatever she gets time to put in her bag between legal cases, but probably bought in Selfridges or similar