Tuesday, April 20, 2010

UKIP identifies a burning political issue

And in Wifey world - while everybody beyond looks to change and its instrument Nick Clegg - the Berwick UKIP candidate Michael Weatheritt has a different approach. Mr Weatheritt, a 60-year-old self-employed bricklayer has two campaign priorities for the region - more jobs paying above the national minimum wage(fair enough) and a local crematorium to serve north Northumberland. It has to be a vote winner.

Thus far, Mr Weatheritt has peaked at 7.5% of the vote (or 135 of them if you are being picky) in a local district council election. This time he's hoping for greater things.

The nearest crematorium he claims is a 30 mile drive away in Blyth and across the main East Coast railway line. If the barriers come down at the wrong time, the hearse can be separated from the mourners following the coffin in their own cars. Mr Weatheritt makes the point this can be upsetting.

If I was cleverer I could construct a metaphor about mortality and eternity but it's beyond me at this point in the campaign. I do wonder though whether the bigger parties are missing a trick - "Vote Tory for The Right Place To Go When You Die", "Rest Easy With Labour" or even "Nick Says Burn Baby Burn".


billatbingley said...

Michael Weatheritt must also have a theme song. What about "Come on Baby Light my Fire?" - reputed to have been used a local crematiorium when the coffin slid away behind the curtains!

M.T. Nesta said...

Why do you remind me of Terry Wogan commentating on the Eurovision Song Contest. Is it because you make an otherwise uninspiring event a "must see".

Pam said...

Wouldn't it be lovely to live in that world, where all we had to worry about was the location of a crematorium? I think I'm saying if I lived in the UK I'd vote for him. Aren't you glad I'm in Ohio?