Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

I always review my year. Usually though I do it either on New Year's Eve at dinner or on a beach walk the next day with my husband and my gay best boyfriend; we say what was good and what was bad about the year, mark it out of 10 and write our resolutions in the sand (you might as well start the way you mean to go on.) This year though my best boyfriend was spending New Year with his partner and we had London diva and her family up and it completely went out of my head. Why was that? Is it that I do not care about the past any more? (Unlikely, I am catholic and have been in therapy, I virtually live in the past.) Do I think there is no room for improvement? (Obviously a far more difficult one to answer.) Or was it just that I got so busy - my four-year-old turned five on New Year's Eve, my six-year-old turns seven on Friday and my parents are still with us. I figure I can relax on Saturday( the third Saturday in September that is).

So the year. An extraordinary one.
The bad things included:
*tears and fears my six-year-old son was not happy at school. The situation was resolved but it took time.
*ongoing anxiety about my five-year-old's stomach migraines.
*intermittent loneliness and the blues about where I was and what I was doing.
*missing London, London, London.
*the suspicion I am getting really old.

The good things included:
*blogging and making friends in cyberspace.
*the chance to write a book (- the money was quite nice too while I had it. Builders are an expensive habit).
*living in the renovated cottage with space to swing a cat. (Shame my cat did a runner pretty much as soon as we arrived in Northumberland).
*seeing the good things about life in Northumberland.
*recognising I had, despite myself perhaps, made friends here.

So the year then is a 10. (I always mark a year higher than my husband. Last year, we were living in Northumberland at his instigation because he wanted to live here, we had a beautiful baby daughter who had just turned one, he had bought himself a new car and he gave the year six and a half. Six and a half! He is lucky he made it past the bongs.)

As for resolutions
*to shout less and be more patient.
*to revise the blog and make it more whizz bang (this one might take a while).
*to revise my life and make it more whizz bang (alternatively to get more sleep).
Actually, I just remembered why I did not do the review and resolutions, I think I was too busy being anxious about making the decision about whether we stay in Northumberland or return to London. The decision is made - I just do not want to say it out loud yet.


Anonymous said...

I do hope the decision is in our favour, Wifey. Northumberland has indeed benefitted from your presence.

Best wishes for a Happy and prosperous New Year.

Crystal xx

Kim said...

I find myself hoping you'll stay right where you are. The stories are just too wonderful to give up.

Quite selfish of me, don't you think?

Drags said...

oh you're such a tease wifey....how could you leave us on tenterhooks this way?

Gone said...

This is almost as good as Who Shot JR?
Will it all turn out to be a dream in the shower I wonder?

Potty Mummy said...

Something tells me that wherever you are, Wifey, your blog will be just as entertaining...

softinthehead said...

I vote north - hope that is OK with you. I mean, do they do drinking (sorry - shooting) days out in fancy dress down south, if so I missed that while I lived there.

Iota said...

Is the decision made for good, or have you fixed a review date? Life is sometimes (actually, always) easier to plan in small chunks.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know the bath is full of champagne as requested, the cold duck is in the fridge and I am off out for the evening - see you tomorrow mum!

The Woman who Can said...

I hope you're happy with your decision Wifey, that's all that really matters. Best wishes for 2008, I've really enjoyed reading you, and don't worry about the whizz bang.

The Draughtsman said...

I reckon you should stay oop north now you've made it. You're over the worst. You have a house, starting to make friends, and things are starting to go your way.
Keep London as a memory and an occaisional bolt-hole. To go back is always a mistake.
Become a North-country lass by adoption.
Anyway lets hope 2008 is 10/10 for you.

Unknown said...

Happy New Thingies, Wifey. May you find your inner northerness and pine less for for the smog ridden, polluted, violent, anonymous hellhole that is our wondrous capital!

Cath said...

Norman - (Dad)

It is not always a mistake to go back. A girl CAN change her mind.

I have the philosophy "If I don't like it, I can always go back to what I did like" and it works. I don't stress over major "permanent" stuff because it's only permanent until I say "Enough! Don't like that" and change it. Changing it doesn't mean I have to go back, but can if I want. Nah nah nah nur nah!

The problem I guess for WITN is that her decision needs to tally with the rest of the family so hopefully your decision WITN is one agreed with hubby, although you do seem to be the one living there (more). London will never be just a memory to you, but it can be a great bolt hole and therapy! I am glad you could review the year with an objective eye. You have friends - in cyberspace and in the real world!

Gen X Women ... said...

Hello there dear one

You and your observations have given me the push to write my own bits out loud at http://www.randomthoughtsfromgenxwomen.blogspot.com/

isn't it nice to know that half way round the world your words connect with others - big hugs to you from rainy queensland

you have some down under sisters in arms ....

@themill said...

But will you be able to wear your fabulous tweed ensemble on the streets of London?

Unknown said...

One thing's for certain, my dear--you certainly know how to tease a lede...

Happy New Year, and may those in your life whom you love and who love you continue to bring you joy.

Whispering Walls said...

Assuming you're staying, maybe another resolution should be to get a decent fly trap.

Frog in the Field said...

WHizz Bang and more sleep sounds great, with children though? Not possible?
Happy New Year to you!

Single Mother on the Verge said...

Sounds like a very good year, worthy of a ten:
More whizz bang, then off to sleep?
Smov x

Swearing Mother said...

You're going to stay, aren't you? Betcha do.