Friday, December 08, 2006

Women firing blanks

Among the new people we have met is one woman who really wants you to know how busy she is. So busy that she really does not want to waste her time making eye contact with you when she could lock eyes with your attractive husband and talk about how full her life is and how many demands there are on her time. Despite or maybe because of working in male-dominated newsrooms, I have never come across a woman who blanks another woman in this way before although I have ofcourse been aware they are out there. It's not sexual - my husband is attractive but it isn't pheromones I smell, it's power. This woman with her gushing "Gosh, did I tell you just how busy I am?" manner apparently thinks she has more in common with my husband because he is a "busy, busy, busy" man and I merely a simple, simple woman. When she happens across us out and about, she gazes only at him, addresses her comments only to him and makes a connection only with him. In her virtual reality power game, I am less important than her, less intelligent and unlikely to understand what she is saying. I have a similar status to a dog or a child as I stand by them, probably lower, thinking about it. I am definitely expected to keep quiet and not interrupt. An unsisterly sister if ever there was one.


Anonymous said...

Editor's note : He's not THAT attractive - Iv'e seen him.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic article - why are you blogging ? You should be writing a book, there's far more money in it.

I don't know any good publishers, but you should get hold of one pronto.